It’s me…. Katie, the person behind the photos, the person who will give you my all in documenting your own love story. I take such joy and pride from photography and am thankful you’re here. I figured I owed it to us both to say ‘hi’ and introduce myself.

I am someone who feels deeply. And that deep emotion makes me an incredibly sentimental person… the kind of person who wants to memorize the feel and smell of a mountainside creek awash in wildflowers, who carries a now sixteen-year-old, worn love note from her husband in her wallet, and who has voice recordings of her children as babies giggling at bedtime.

This deep emotion makes me a collector of memories and it’s what has always drawn me to photography. It’s what pushes me to be obsessive in figuring out how to capture my own family’s authentic love story and my clients’ true love in your photos or a video.

I’m a trained and passionate observer of details, whether it’s the way my son’s hand feels when it rests in mine, how my daughter uses her whole body for hugs, or how the mommas I photograph softly reach out to their children.

I’m confident but always learning; funny but in a way that is dry and takes some time to come out; and a perfectionist who thinks the most beautiful things in this life are un-staged, often messy, authentic moments.


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